Friday, March 6, 2009

March blog post

HEY...  i am finally settled down in Peru with my new family. things are going well here, i have been in the school for one week now and am able to understand sooooo much more but still struggle with speaking..  
 i live with Jesus (literally) he is the father at the house where i live. He plays on a local football team and last saturday we went to the beach to watch him play in a tournament. His team won 2nd place and there was a big fiesta afterwords. we stayed up too late and missed the last bus back to Arequipa about a 2 two hour bus ride so we slept on the beach. it was quite an adventure!!! 
  we have a wonderful team on people that God has put down here. we all come from different places in life but here we are in Peru working toward a common goal (to show Gods grace and hope to all people we encounter) i am so excited to be apart of this project...   


  1. i am so glad things are going so well. i will share this with our class on sunday, we are all praying for you!

  2. The guys at the Farm are praying for you and say hi. Glad all is going well.